Kanbana’s Best Month Ever October 2014


1550 downloads has generated around 950 new accounts where the green line is the iPhone and the orange being the iPad.


Around 2500 unique users (seen above) has created 16500 tasks (seen below) where the green line is the iPhone and the orange is the iPad.


At last the revenue has been 285$/1650 DKK (41 iPad + 2 iPhone Purchases * 9$ Р30% apple share + 6 monthly subscriptions * 2.60$)

The Story

In late september 2014 Kanbana for iPhone was introduced and even though the adoption of the iPhone version has been on the low side with very few purchases the positive impact on the iPad is indiscussible.

“For me task management has to be fast and intuitive. Capture is very important for me and now the iPhone version is out, I finally have a really easy way to capture tasks when I am out and about. The simple and elegant interface gives you just what you need and no more” – App Store review, Sep 29, 2014

My hypothesis back in December 2013 was that I would be able to convert more iPad users to paying customers by introducing an iPhone version and fortunately it turned out to be true. The iPad revenue has increased together with a slight increase in growth and general usage as well.

On the downside October has also been a month with an increase in user support which is positive because I’m learning about my product but also a challenge because my current customer lifetime value (CLV) is around 6$. For 6$ you can’t afford to pay much attention to each customer and still grow a sustainable business so my plan is simple – support has to go down and CLV has to go up. First up is lowering support which will be about improving “Kanbana Anywhere” from the buying experience to the feature itself and at last better tools for trouble shooting.

The second goal is to get some more traction on the new iPhone version. I believe the product is unique and the feedback so far has been very positive and therefor more people should know about it.

“Kanbana focuses on simplicity. I have used Gneo, Wunderlist, Trello – and even the incredible WorkFlowy – but once you have set up your system in Kanbana, you will not be satisfied with all the features any other app can throw at you.” – App Store review, Sep 23, 2014

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