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Back in October 2014 i finally released Kanbana for iPhone. It took me almost eight months of spare time development but according to the feedback so far I believe it was worth the effort.

Where the iPad app is about seeing the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life I wanted the iPhone to be focused around this exact moment. The main goal of Kanbana for iPhone is for you to empty your head when something important pops into your mind.

Instead of taking the easy approach and creating a scaled down version of the iPad I wanted to create an app that was build from the ground up with the iPhone in mind.



Gaining clarity is still the overall goal and reason why you should choose Kanbana over similar products. The strategy to fulfil this goal is to emphasise your content and ensure that nothing unimportant disturbs your eye or detract attention in any way. To keep it as simple as possible the task board has no navigation bars or buttons which means that every interaction is initiated with custom gestures suited for the iPhone.

Navigating your flow is inspired by a paging concept available for Windows Phone called “pivoting” where you can see the titles of the previous and next pages combined with a parallax scrolling effect when you swipe between pages. This concept is very well suited for Kanbana because you want to have a sense of flow between stages and at the same time show the full content of a single stage.





I took this concept of pivoting to the next level when it comes to moving tasks between stages. Instead of scrolling the whole board left and right I only scroll the stage title, which gives a unique but also calmer and more effective user experience.




The concept of creating tasks is inspired by the popular todo app Clear who introduced “pull to create”, but in Kanbana you can also assign a color to the task right away. Again I have ideas of taking this concept to the next level but I’ll keep that to my self as a hopefully pleasant surprise for the future. The same concept is used when you create new stages, the only difference is that you go to the last stage and swipe/pull even further to the right.


Prioritizing tasks and ordering stages can also be done from within the task board by long-pressing and moving them around with a single gesture.

All together I hope these custom behaviours will help Kanbana stand out from the crowd and at the same time make task management fun, easy and fast.

Clear, simple and quick! ★★★★★
by tsushima1905 – Version – 1.0 – Oct 6, 2014
Kanbana lets you quickly and clearly organise your activities. Previously available on the iPad, the iPhone version is super simple to use and looks great. A must-have app!

2 thoughts on “Kanbana for iPhone

  1. Hi Troels,

    Still loving Kanbana for iPad and iPhone… plus I’ve gotten comfortable with the web app when working on my PC. Despite tinkering with a *lot* of apps for the purpose of my blog, nothing has yet pulled me away from Kanbana :-)

    I’ve long since quit looking for that “perfect” app, because Kanbana quite simply does the job with no fuss. It’s a good place to be.


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