Kanbana for iPad

Gain clarity and balance workload

After realizing that “Clarity trumps effectiveness” I wanted to create a task manager that weighted clarity over everything else. This app should emphasize your content without anything else disturbing the eye. This is the reason why I ended up with a task board that has no menu bars, buttons or what so ever that not directly supports the main purpose of gaining clarity.

Clarity is also the reason why every task can vary in size to fit the full description. I find it very important that you can digest the content of your board in a glimpse without having to navigate further. If everything is visible to you it is easier to comprehend and will at the same time give a sense of your actual workload. If you can’t comprehend all the data at once it is probably a sign that you should try to lower your workload by completing work in progress instead of starting new activities.

Task management should be fun, easy and fast

One of the primary pitfalls that prevents people from using a task manager on a daily basis is that it requires discipline and takes up time. To fight these hard facts I try to do everything I can to live up to Kanbanas mantra that “Task management should be fun, easy and fast”.

Buttons and menu bars are replaced by gestures which hopefully adds a natural and smooth interaction with the board. creating and positioning a new task or stage on the board can be done in a single movement. Repositioning tasks and stages can be done in a single movement. The board is custom made to build the exact drag and drop experience I wanted and hopefully this adds up to a task board where you actually think that managing your life is enjoyable.

Simplicity over features

I know Personal Kanban enthusiasts (like myself) will miss WIP limits, lead time and cycle time like SCRUM practitioners will miss story point estimates and sub tasking. But this app is first of all about gaining clarity so if a feature compromises clarity it will have a hard time getting into the development pipeline. Not said that there will be no new features but that features like these will be selective add-ons so that the core product remains uncluttered, clean and simple.

I hope that you will enjoy this first version of Kanbana for iPad and as always your feedback is crucial to improve the product and keep my motivation going.

5 thoughts on “Kanbana for iPad

  1. Hello:)
    I wanna thank you for Kanbana. It’s tuly easy and nice to use. The good product for the brave one who are ready to use agile in daily life:) Clould you please add a possibility to use cyrrilic in the app? Actually now I’m able to write my tasks on Russian, but after close/open the app I see “???????????????” instead of all words :( It looks funny but not readable… Hope it’s easy to fix:)

  2. Excellent simplicity.

    The only point I am not certain of; I have set up numerous columns which of course go off the screen. If I wish to move a ‘story’ from a column that is co the screen it is a simple matter, however, if I wish to move a story from columns that are not visible at the same time, there appear to be two options, namely, move the story column by column until the recipient column is visible or reduce the entire program allowing more columns to be seen.

    Is there any other method?



    1. The easiest way to move a task to a column outside the screen is to zoom out and then move it.
      It would be easier if the board just scrolled together with the moving task so I’ll probably add that feature in a future release.

  3. I wish I had found your app before I bought or worked with several others.

    It is clean and simple, exactly what I wanted.

    I just started using it and so I have not had much of an opportunity to give it a full test run. The only thing I would suggest is the option to change background. I find all the black a little dreary. But better black than white and other colors that people will not like.

    Also, I agree with the previous remark about moving things around. Glad you are considering this update.

    This app is so simple or maybe I should say user friendly. I would not attempt to add anymore bells and whistles. If you want to do so, please make that a separate app, or a paid add on.

    Thank you.

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