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Kanbana 2014

This time of year I usually find myself evaluating how the year has been. This also applies to Kanbana where I’ve been spending some time reading App Store reviews.
I’ve gathered some of my favorite reviews later the post, but to sum it up this sentiment word cloud should give you a pretty good picture of the users opinions.

created from app store reviews using http://tagcrowd.com

This made me realised that my own vision of Kanbana is very well aligned with the qualities that the users like which is a satisfying place to be.

When I first started out developing Kanbana I struggled with this for a long time. The users who liked Kanbana liked it for different reasons that I had hoped for and the problem that I wanted to solve for my users wasn’t the problem that I actually solved. Finally the features they requested was not the ones I wanted to build. After simplifying the vision “to help people gain clarity of their life” through the strategy that “managing your life should be fun, easy and fast” seamed to steer the product in a direction that now attracts users that fits into the vision pretty well.

In 2014 I build and released the iPhone version and founded the company “Kanbana ApS” and with all the positive feedback I feel it was with the effort and at the same time a motivating starting point for Kanbana 2015.

Happy new year everyone!

Favorite Kanbana iPhone App Store Reviews 2014

Well-designed, easy to use ★★★★★
by PanthorS – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 24, 2014
This app does exactly what it promises with a simple, intuitive interface. It makes it easy to keep track of projects and can be adapted for personal tasks as well. Recommended!

Ridiculously simple and elegant ★★★★★
by Karen Windon – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 20, 2014
Love this app. I have downloaded so many task management systems which all fall out of favor due to the complexity or lack of an easy visual view. Kanbana meets all the requirements. It’s my post-it replacement, easy to use and very intuitive. Try it!

Great Management Tool ★★★★★
by Madcoderjj – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 18, 2014
I have tried many Apps to try and manage tasks and/or to-dos and not one of them offers such a simple and intuitive interface to do so. I really love the simplicity and speed in which I can add the things that I want to keep track of and move them through to a completed state. Keep up the great work!

Enjoy Using This App ★★★★★
by greyseal – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 18, 2014
I have enjoyed using this app to help organize my tasks. It is very responsive and quick to use, with a nice interface. I would recommend this app to anyone in the market for a task manager that is easy to understand and use. I am a mom who is primarily coordinating activities for my children as well as homeschooling scheduling, but I know this has a lot of potential for business users as well. In my former life as a mortgage loan underwriter I would have found this very beneficial. Thanks!

Easy to use ★★★★★
by asr749 – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 18, 2014
Unlike so many task management apps, this is easy and quick to use. No unnecessary categorisation, just plain kanban. Rename, move and delete panes as you need to. Highly recommended as a way of making kanban work for you.

Sorts the forest for the trees ★★★★★
by 10meghalfduplex – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 18, 2014
Very good for helping you decide what you will and more importantly what you won’t spend an available slot of time from, helps you prioritise tasks and stay focus on the ones you have decided to spend time on… recommended!

the best ★★★★★
by adenova – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 18, 2014
Kanbana is the best, easy, efficient, fast, nice interface and multi platform.

Awesome Personal Kanban Tool ★★★★★
by mmelas – Version – 1.1.2 – Dec 18, 2014
simple & easy your personal kanban board anytime anywhere I’ve been using kanbana on my mac and ipad since years already and now I am happy to have it on my mobile, too.

Favorite Kanbana iPad App Store Reviews 2014

Recommended! ★★★★
by MC6898 – Version – 1.5.2 – Dec 20, 2014
Very nice! Allows me to organize and manage my to do list in a very different way. Very clean interface and easy to use. Can easily create new columns and tasks, and it’s easy to move the columns and tasks around. I like the ability to organize my tasks by color according to category an

Nice app ★★★★
by SteveScholey – Version – 1.5.2 – Dec 19, 2014
I’ve been a long time Trello user and only tried this app because I read a rave review. I’m glad I did because I haven’t been disappointed. I really like the simple interface and the ability to zoom out on the iPad to see everything that is going on is really useful. Now that it syncs across desktop, iPad & iPhone it’s a keeper for me.

Simply, the best!!!! ★★★★★
by Hannah Shigeta – Version – 1.5.1 – Nov 22, 2014
I can’t believe there are much less reviews than I expected. The best todo, note, and multitask app ever!!!

For Visual Thinkers ★★★★★
by WeymsSJ – Version – 1.4.0 – Oct 1, 2014
I am a very visual person. I have used a lot of coloured stickies and coloured index cards to plan out my many projects. I love the kanbana app for iPhone as this allows me to do my planning on the go. And I can review all the tasks that need to be done anytime and anywhere. The best app so far for intuitive planning!

Simple, Fast, Elegant Task Management ★★★★★
by gedroberts – Version – 1.4.0 – Sep 29, 2014
I have been using Kanbana for a while now and although I have used other task management apps, I keep coming back to Kanbana. For me task management has to be fast and intuitive. Capture is very important for me and now the iPhone version is out, I finally have a really easy way to capture tasks when I am out and about. The simple and elegant interface gives you just what you need and no more. And the voice dictation means you can actually speak your new task and it captures it in text. Great app, I used it across all my devices so I am always on top of what I need to be doing.

Better than Trello ★★★★
by Martin’s opinion – Version – 1.4.0 – Sep 30, 2014
I like the clean style of Kanbana. What I like most is the fact that labels are true labels and not just tags, so the comlete note appears in one solid color of choice.

Love this app ★★★★★
by Disadd – Version – 1.4.0 – Sep 30, 2014
I have been using this app for awhile now and love it. I’ve set it with “braindump” (everything that needs to get done) “doing” (three tasks from the braindump) “awaiting” (tasks I have to wait for a response from a 3rd party) and “done”. When all my tasks are done it feels like candy for the brain

Kanbana’s Best Month Ever October 2014


1550 downloads has generated around 950 new accounts where the green line is the iPhone and the orange being the iPad.


Around 2500 unique users (seen above) has created 16500 tasks (seen below) where the green line is the iPhone and the orange is the iPad.


At last the revenue has been 285$/1650 DKK (41 iPad + 2 iPhone Purchases * 9$ – 30% apple share + 6 monthly subscriptions * 2.60$)

The Story

In late september 2014 Kanbana for iPhone was introduced and even though the adoption of the iPhone version has been on the low side with very few purchases the positive impact on the iPad is indiscussible.

“For me task management has to be fast and intuitive. Capture is very important for me and now the iPhone version is out, I finally have a really easy way to capture tasks when I am out and about. The simple and elegant interface gives you just what you need and no more” – App Store review, Sep 29, 2014

My hypothesis back in December 2013 was that I would be able to convert more iPad users to paying customers by introducing an iPhone version and fortunately it turned out to be true. The iPad revenue has increased together with a slight increase in growth and general usage as well.

On the downside October has also been a month with an increase in user support which is positive because I’m learning about my product but also a challenge because my current customer lifetime value (CLV) is around 6$. For 6$ you can’t afford to pay much attention to each customer and still grow a sustainable business so my plan is simple – support has to go down and CLV has to go up. First up is lowering support which will be about improving “Kanbana Anywhere” from the buying experience to the feature itself and at last better tools for trouble shooting.

The second goal is to get some more traction on the new iPhone version. I believe the product is unique and the feedback so far has been very positive and therefor more people should know about it.

“Kanbana focuses on simplicity. I have used Gneo, Wunderlist, Trello – and even the incredible WorkFlowy – but once you have set up your system in Kanbana, you will not be satisfied with all the features any other app can throw at you.” – App Store review, Sep 23, 2014

1000 DKK/Month after 3 years of work

The good news

December 2013 has been the first month ever where Kanbana users has payed just beyond 1000DKK (around 180$) in one month. 90% coming from one time payments from iPad in-app purchases and 10% coming from online monthly subscriptions.
There are only ~20 customers behind these payments and this is actually the good news because it proofs that some of the users want to pay a relatively high price from which I conclude that they really like the product.

The feedback from users are also starting to take shape, especially because they praise exactly the qualities I have focused on.

“Beautiful app! ★★★★★
A pleasure to use–I’ve had fun coming up with more and more uses for it. Simple, yet sophisticated and refined”

“I like the simple aesthetic and concept of seeing a bigger picture of what I have to do and how far along I am in to a task.”

“…a simple, intuitive and wonderful kanban board app”

“…such ease of use, especially of creating tasks and moving them between columns as priorities change or tasks are completed.”

“As a visual, creative person I have downloaded numerous task apps before but have not found them to work for me, whereas this one does. I love the colours and the clarity (both in sizing/layout and against a dark background), and the ease of moving tasks around… this app will really make a positive difference to my life”

“I’ve been using Kanbana for months, almost exclusively via the iPad app, and I love it. It’s nearly perfect – not too much, not too little, very quick and easy to use, and very pleasing to the eye.”

“…it has helped organize my to do list beyond any tool I have used”

“… my work week it’s more effective since I met you”

All together I have a pretty good feeling that Kanbana in Lean Startup terms has reached problem-solution fit. People using Kanbana want to have a better overview of their daily activities and Kanbana is able to solve this problem.

2014 here we come

Primarily 2014 will be dedicated to implement Kanbana for iPhone. Where the iPad and online version is about gaining clarity the iPhone version should be about easily emptying your head when you’re on the go or at the coffee machine and something important pops to your mind.

Even though Kanbana is a spare time startup I have a goal to turn it into a sustainable product. But before worrying about growth and revenue there is a even bigger challenge that needs to be solved.
I’m only converting around 2 percent of users who create an account to paying customers which I consider way to few and the share of recurring payments should be much higher. In other words there is hard work to be done business wise before Kanbana reaches product-market fit, and for most startups this is the crucial step that decide its future survival.
My hypothesis is that users who owns an iPhone don’t want to pay for Kanbana due to the the lack of a iPhone version. So hopefully a iPhone version will improve the conversion rate by itself.

2014 will be interesting
Happy new year

The birth of Kanbana

I’ve always been fascinated and driven by the fact that with a good idea and a computer at hand you have the ability to create something great. Throughout the years this entrepreneurial part of myself has been outlived in various spare time projects. Unfortunately it has never led to sustainable and value adding products which I’ve blamed the lack of a brilliant idea.

Last year I took a decision to stop waiting for the brilliant idea to fall down from the sky. I have been waiting for years so what are the chances of it happening in the future? and if it finally did what is the possibility of me having the skills, timing and luck to convert a potential brilliant idea into a success?

Instead I began looking inwards and tried to understand the challenges and drivers of my own life. Back in 2005 I got a new job and began to work in teams following agile methods such as Scrum. For me it was a revelation that made my work more motivating and also much easier to manage and comprehend. Clear objectives and a structured approach to gaining clarity was the key to being able to focus and work effectively in small batches that immediately created a clear sense of momentum.

As the years went by, my interest in agile methods grew along with an urge to spread the agile mindset and practice it to perfection. The consequence was that my own role changed from being a team member to advisory and managerial roles where my own clarity and focus was sacrificed in honor of the teams I was supporting.

My stress level began to rise, my focus and motivation dropped and I felt compelled to do something about the problem. I began to study methods about gaining focus and clarity as well as personal development in general. From this journey I learned a lot about my self and what I constantly have to be aware of in order to gain personal clarity, focus and clear valuable objectives.

As a consultant in different kinds of companies I observed that a lot of people struggle with lack of clarity and focus like myself. So far I’ve narrowed it down to all knowledge workers who are responsible for their own time is challenged on lack of clarity to some extent. They who are handling multiple projects and stakeholders at once have an even harder time and is often those who get stressed out and eventually lose motivation or even the ability to work.

During the last year, I have spent most of my spare time trying to solve this problem in the shape of a tool with an ambition to create enough value so that the target group will pay for a solution. It is not a new facebook, but the vision is an essential part of my own life, which I believe is a good starting point.

I know many of you walk around with a unsolved problem so now I “just” have to figure out how to solve it. A key challenge is that the solution I believe in at the time is simple and unsophisticated, but requires a disciplined approach as a person.

So, my headache is to create something that makes it incredibly easy to get started and with minimal discipline and effort creates enough value for you to “see the light”. For me it has been a long journey, so how do I boil down this journey so that you can start adding more clarity and focus to your life right away?

Kanbana is the name of the solution and its value proposition is as follows:

Kanbana is a simple and easy to use task board that will help Self-managing office workers who are juggling with many different kinds of projects and stakeholders at once get a clear visual overview of all everyday activities and achieve a stress less day, good decision making and easy prioritization according to your own goals and values

Kanbana can be found at http://kanbana.com and I can reveal so much that the sustainable solution isn’t found yet, but we have some happy early adopters and that is a good starting point.