1000 DKK/Month after 3 years of work

The good news

December 2013 has been the first month ever where Kanbana users has payed just beyond 1000DKK (around 180$) in one month. 90% coming from one time payments from iPad in-app purchases and 10% coming from online monthly subscriptions.
There are only ~20 customers behind these payments and this is actually the good news because it proofs that some of the users want to pay a relatively high price from which I conclude that they really like the product.

The feedback from users are also starting to take shape, especially because they praise exactly the qualities I have focused on.

“Beautiful app! ★★★★★
A pleasure to use–I’ve had fun coming up with more and more uses for it. Simple, yet sophisticated and refined”

“I like the simple aesthetic and concept of seeing a bigger picture of what I have to do and how far along I am in to a task.”

“…a simple, intuitive and wonderful kanban board app”

“…such ease of use, especially of creating tasks and moving them between columns as priorities change or tasks are completed.”

“As a visual, creative person I have downloaded numerous task apps before but have not found them to work for me, whereas this one does. I love the colours and the clarity (both in sizing/layout and against a dark background), and the ease of moving tasks around… this app will really make a positive difference to my life”

“I’ve been using Kanbana for months, almost exclusively via the iPad app, and I love it. It’s nearly perfect – not too much, not too little, very quick and easy to use, and very pleasing to the eye.”

“…it has helped organize my to do list beyond any tool I have used”

“… my work week it’s more effective since I met you”

All together I have a pretty good feeling that Kanbana in Lean Startup terms has reached problem-solution fit. People using Kanbana want to have a better overview of their daily activities and Kanbana is able to solve this problem.

2014 here we come

Primarily 2014 will be dedicated to implement Kanbana for iPhone. Where the iPad and online version is about gaining clarity the iPhone version should be about easily emptying your head when you’re on the go or at the coffee machine and something important pops to your mind.

Even though Kanbana is a spare time startup I have a goal to turn it into a sustainable product. But before worrying about growth and revenue there is a even bigger challenge that needs to be solved.
I’m only converting around 2 percent of users who create an account to paying customers which I consider way to few and the share of recurring payments should be much higher. In other words there is hard work to be done business wise before Kanbana reaches product-market fit, and for most startups this is the crucial step that decide its future survival.
My hypothesis is that users who owns an iPhone don’t want to pay for Kanbana due to the the lack of a iPhone version. So hopefully a iPhone version will improve the conversion rate by itself.

2014 will be interesting
Happy new year

2 thoughts on “1000 DKK/Month after 3 years of work

  1. Hi Troels… I just wanted to confirm your thoughts about an iPhone app. You know that’s where the success of the app lies as a whole. We need an app that goes in our pocket when we’re out and about. I make do without one… Despite Trello having a full iOS solution, I am willing to work around the lack of an iPhone app with Kanbana… Even long term. That’s how brilliant your app is. I have tried and tested almost every decent app out, and there is absolutely no app that will tear me away from Kanbana. I was pretty happy with one or two other apps and thought I had “arrived”… Then when I came accross Kanbana. It would be sad indeed to see an app that is head and shoulders above better known apps not make it long term. A few of my friends who’ve seen it in action have abandoned their apps immediately for Kanbana. The show must go on!!!

  2. It would be truly great if a Kanbana user could create multiple landscapes (limited to one, as I understand).
    That would allow you to sell to a much bigger community.

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